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Hello again,
   We are at the Great Rocky Mountains this time! We highly recommend it! It is far bigger & better than I imagined! However, I do not recommend driving here, especially from Granger,IN! The route we drove was primarily along I-80 passing through Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and Colorado, and it was the most boring flat land you ever want to see! Once we hit Estes Park, Colorado, the scenery changed dramatically! The mountains were overwelming in their size, all I could think about was venturing into the wilderness and taking it all in! Although locals have said that is how most people get lost out here.
   This adventure trip of ours is far less risky than some of the others we take on, as the Black Bear is much more docile than the Brown Bear found elsewhere. The Mountain Lion has not been much of a factor here in recent years. We did manage to get a bit too close to more than a few Elk. Our main goal on this adventure was to capture a great photo of a Moose up close. The photo did not happen on the Moose, however, has faith would have it, after being lost what seemed like forever on a back Colorado/Wyoming dirt road in the middle of the night we did have an encounter with a Moose! The Moose came right in front of our car within a few feet of our windshield! We couldn't get to our cameras fast enough! He got away with no picture. We never would have imagined we would see our target on the last day, on our way home lost, on a back country dirt road! The experience has strengthened us to remember not to give up!
   We tried to add excitement to our return trip home by going a different way than we came. We traveled back to Granger,IN by going from Colorado through Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and then back to Indiana. A little longer but worth it, much less boring as we did manage a few more National Parks. The BadLands National Park , did manage to see a wolf, tried to get close but he ran off. Then we went to Mount Rushmore, worth the extra miles, not sure about the Crazy Horse park, did not seem that interesting. We taveled through the rest of South Dakota and came to Sioux Falls, South Dakota where they have an awesome riverwalk, worth seeing!
   Thanks for dropping in, please let us know if you need a more details about any of our adventures.


Sarah & Dan

R&S Entertainment "Wedding Event Company"  had a great time with this Chicago couple! On 10/28/12 in the "Windy City", we traveled around "Millenium Park" and Randalph street for this "Engagement Session".  The Couple will have their Wedding Reception at the The Woodward  in South Bend, IN. Where R&S Entertainment "Wedding Event Company" has performed many times! We love it! Congratulations to Dan & Sarah!