Videography/Cinematography News...

   We have noticed over the last 8 years or so a growing trend in the Wedding Market Place with regards to Videography/Cinematography demands. Not too long ago Brides & Grooms were budgeting this aspect as last on their budget lists. Now, we have noticed, and rightfully so, more and more couples making Videography a much higher priority in their budgets. They know now what us videographers have known for some time now, that Video & Sound from your once in a lifetime event put into a Cinematic Movie captures your day better than any other medium at your event. Most of our couples tell us that it's their movie they treasure when they wish to reminiscence or show their event off to others. This is however, not to say that the pictures are not important because they very much are, it's just that many feel that the movie captured the true essence of the day better than any picture.
   So when shopping for your Videographer, look for more than just value, although this is important when working with a budget, look for both experience and quality of work. Some other great questions to ask would be "How long have you been doing this"? "How many copies of the finished product will I receive"? "Will the Movie have a Cinematic edit"? "How will you capture the sound of the event"? These are great starting questions to ask. Again, as always if R&S Entertainment The Wedding Event Company is already booked for your event we are still available to answer any questions you may have about Videography or any other Wedding Service.

Thank you and Congratulations to DeCarlo & Nachelle! Hope you enjoy your Movie Teaser as much as we did making it. Thank you for letting us share in your celebration!