Considering your DJ./MC Services for your Wedding

When considering your DJ/MC services remember to ask yourself these questions.

1. Is He/She willing to meet to discuss my event?
2. Am I comfortable planning my event with this person?
3. Does the DJ have a back up?
4. Is the equipment professional grade?
5. How much experience does the DJ have with Weddings?

These are just a few questions to consider when deciding your choice of entertainment for your once in a lifetime event. R&S Entertainment would be happy to offer insight into your selection process. Picking your DJ Entertainment will determine a majority of your event success. Do not pick a DJ, or for that reason any wedding vendor simply because you see them at a Wedding Show or Bridal Expo anyone can pay to be part of, or because they are part of some network anyone can be in as long as they pay their fee. Best way to pick your Wedding DJ/MC is still word of mouth, nothing better than a first hand account. Let's talk about your event and plan the perfect Wedding/Reception.

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